Product Information

At frshslabs we're tired of single use air fresheners that don't match the style of your car. We hated seeing the unnecessary waste when having to buy a new one over and over. This is why we created frshslabs; custom made, re-scentable, and earth friendly air fresheners.


We care about our planet as much as we care about our cars. Therefore we made sure each frshslab is biodegradable and sustainable. *Even though frshslabs are biodegradable, please dispose properly and with care.* 


In order to provide you with a color choice we offer three different types of wood; Cedar (Light), Cherry (Medium), and Walnut (Dark). All our wood comes from local sawmills and we primarily use cut-offs that would otherwise get thrown out. This way we ensure nothing goes to waste and we reduce the impact on our planets resources.
Leather string
Each type of wood comes with a different color leather string, to perfectly match the finish of your frshslab. No artificial color is being used and our leather is locally sourced. 
Scent oil
All our fragrance oils are paraben free and vegan friendly. Our fragrance oils are a sophisticated blend of natural, nature identical, and aromatic materials. They are not tested on animals or contain any animal derivatives. 

How to re-scent your frshslab?

A frshslab can hold its scent between 6 to 10 weeks. As needed re-scenting your frshslabs is easy, here is what you should do;

Remove it from your car, to make sure you do not drip oil in unwanted areas. Lay it on a table or other flat surface, we recommend to place a napkin underneath. Using the dropper inside your scent bottle, apply 3 to 5 drops on your frshslab. Wait until the wood has completely absorbed these drops, then flip it and repeat on the other side. Once the wood completely absorbed the oil, you are ready to hang it back in your car. Enjoy and stay frsh!